Welcome to Bright Lights in the Lab 2015

After many months of preparation we were delighted to welcome more than 60 students to the first day of Bright Lights in the Lab.  We all gathered to register and hear some opening remarks from Mr. Mahadevan and Ms. Zillmer in the Library.  Then we quickly split up into  three groups, that will stick together for the next two weeks. (Junior A & Junior B – Grades 7, 8, 9 and Advanced – Grade 10, 11 12).

The junior group had a busy morning learning about basic brain functions and then took it outside to play a game of synaptic tag that used all of they had learned and gave everyone a chance to enjoy the sunshine.

IMG_0194The advanced group got right down to business with a very special lab where Mr. Mahadevan taught them about the brain by dissecting one.  He was joined by Ms. Dong from the Department of Physiology and U of T and there were a lot of questions answered.  This isn’t something high school students experience in the typical school year and it’s one of the sessions campers from years past have said meant a lot to them.

IMG_0197In the afternoon Mr. Choi, from the Faculty of Medicine, had an interactive session with the Junior Campers who watched him dissect a brain.  Then everyone had the opportunity to “make their own brain” by using modeling clay and based on the day’s learning create something with all the “parts” they spent the day learning about.

We are off to a great start and everyone on the teaching team is excited about working with this exception group of Bright Lights !


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