2014 ~ Bright Lights Springs Into Life!

The Bright Lights camps have just started down at Bloor and Spadina, but by no means was it a slow start! After a quick introduction to the camp, along with an introduction to brain health, students split into junior (grades 7-9) and advanced (grades 10-12) groups to dive right into studying the brain. jbl1The Juniors focused on the foundations of being a neuroscientist. They began with a short research project in which they researched different aspects of a given organism, and then presented their findings to their peers. The afternoon consisted of teaching the basics of lab safety rules, as the campers will be conducting many of their own experiments. The campers even prepared some skits to communicate different aspects of laboratory safety, which were all met with great attention and (lots of!) laughter. With the foundations of research, peer-to-peer communication, and safety set down, the junior campers are ready to dive into studying neuroscience!

abl1The seniors took a much different approach to the first day of camp, by starting with studying neurons through creating models and presenting to their peers. Right from the start, Mr. Mahadevan (the head teacher of the Bright Lights camps) encouraged students to be as inquisitive as possible, in order to learn as much as possible. The seniors then dove into many different learning stations, in which they learned about and tested hearing, muscular electrical impulses, vision, and touch, all in very fun and interactive fashions. With the first day under their belts, the campers have already met many friends and learned much about the brain. With that behind us, it is safe to say that this will be another great year of bright lights!

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